Welcome to Phone Booth Confessions. Your virtual Confessional for use when needed. This service is an idea of mine to create a safe space for people to confess anything they feel necessary in the comfort of wherever they may be. There are no rules, nothing too big or too small, no denominations and never any judgements. Please note that my voicemail service allows for the maximum length of 3 minutes. If you need more time, it’s yours, just call back.

As a side project to this, I’d like to create a Podcast of all types of confessions that I feel might benefit others (funny/sad/scary/lonely/love filled). If you’d like to allow me to use your message in a possible future Podcast please state so somewhere in your message, otherwise your confession is confidential and the only person who will ever hear it will be me. I’m in the VERY beginning stages of the podcast piece -I wanted to get the phone booth set up first- so it could be awhile before anything come into fruition; podcast wise. Any and all updates will be posted on this website. Thank you for your help. Call anytime. 207-747-5741